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Spotted Eagle Signature flute "Unwrapped!"

Check out "Thurlow Lieurance Native American Flutes" by Betty Hensley, edited by Douglas Spotted Eagle. Shipping now!.

Ike Willis "Selected Works" CD mastered by Douglas Spotted Eagle

  Hear Douglas' guest appearance on the new 3rd Force "Gentle Force" CD from Higher Octave/Virgin Records!
Douglas' music/sound design is a part of the new Sandra Bullock film "Murder by Numbers!"
Douglas' flute is also a part of the smash movie "Behind Enemy Lines" starring Gene Hackman.
Douglas and the Band of the Hand performed for the Reebok Human Rights Awards Ceremonies at the Cultural Olympics.
See the show as aired on Oprah Winfrey!

Olympic Torch Honor Song
Douglas was asked to compose a special work for this event, it features Randy Paskemin of the Blackstone Singers. (Grammy Nominee drum group)

"This Burning Hope"

Cakewalk/SONAR feature on Douglas Spotted Eagle

  Also, check out "Resurrection Blvd" on Showtime, featuring Michael DeLorenzo. You'll hear quite a few pieces of Douglas' work in this seasons' episodes....
  Seen the movie "Kung Pow!?" Check out the flute in this campy, but funny movie.....Steve Odekirk must have liked Spot's flute, as it plays over and over and over.....
"The Way of the Powwow"
is released and may be ordered today! Produced by Indian Summer, Indigenous Pictures, and Douglas Spotted Eagle, "The Way of the Pow-wow" features interviews with traditional dancers, fancy dancers, arena directors, emcees, dance judges, drum groups, and powwow people. Every popular dance style is shown in slow motion, with explanations of outfits/regalia, foot and body movement. Featuring music from "Tha' Bucks," along with music from Douglas Spotted Eagle, Brule, Blackstone Singers and other great drum groups, along with interviews from more than 20 dancers. Shot at powwows from Canada to California, with primary footage from Indian Summer's world famous September gatherings.
    Created for powwow people, educators, enthusiasts of Native American culture, and any one who wants to know more about Native American dance, this 70 minute, 16 chapter DVD is a must-add to any Native American video collection.
AZEE CHOO'N'NII'GII is about ready to ship. A new film from Indigenous Pictures, this video is edited and scored by Douglas Spotted Eagle.

Check it out!*

*requires Windows Media Player 7.1

65 years of study, 1000 hours of editing, 600 photographs, and 70 hours of   footage brought this film to life....

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